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Small Ruminant Production Medicine and Management:

Find answers to questions like:

* At what stage of gestation will abortions occur in an animal infected with Q fever?
* Can Johne’s disease be spread in the milk?
* Can Naxcel Go I.V. or just I.M.?
* What is Ovine Progressive Pneumonia (OPP)?
* Plus thousands of others.

Find information on how to diagnose and treat the following:

* Caprine arthritis
* Hypocalcemia
* Scrapie
* Bloat
* Ketosis
* Mastitis
* Pneumonia
* Acidosis
* Plus many others!

Learn how to perform the following on farm tests and procedures:

* Disbudding
* Castration
* Docking
* CMT test
* Urine ketones
* pH testing

This manual contains photos, video, flow charts, and procedure descriptions; and is being used by individual sheep and goat owners, veterinarians, extension agents, and universities in multiple states.

The Small Ruminant Production Medicine and Management Manual is written exclusively by veterinarians. Professionals who are closely associated with the dairy industry are being utilized as consultants. (nutritionists, reproduction/physiologists, individual producers, extension agents etc.).

Authors and Editors:

Cody W. Faerber, DVM     Animal Medicine & Consulting   Preston, ID

Lyle G. Mcneal, Ph.D.    Utah State University Sheep and Wool Specialist

Robert L. Harding, DVM     Dairy Health Consultation and Service

Kevin L. Hill, DVM     Western Livestock Consulting   Kaysville, UT

S. Mario Durrant, DVM     Cache Meadow Veterinary Clinic

Jonathan Merriam     California Extension Agent   Hickman, CA

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