Index for Dairy Production Medicine & Management

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Abortion, F10 
Abscess, E495
Acidosis, F285
Actinomyces pyogenes
, F640
Albon, G25
Albon SR, G30
Allergic reactions, F200
Alpha 7, C30
Amprolium, C125, F126
Amoxicillin Trihydrate, G35
Amoxi-inject, G35
Ampicillin, G40
Anatomy, A28

Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act (AMDUCA), A645
Anorexia, E585
Anthrax, F30
Anti-inflammatory, Section H
Artificial insemination, A716
Artificial resuscitator, F200
Aspirin, H40


Banamine, H60
Bangs disease, A905, F10
Betadine solution, J65
Biolyte, J75
Biosecurity, A76

Black disease, F120
Blackleg, F120
Black neck, F120
Bleeding, F200
Bloat, E160, F70, F200

Blood (Serum) Chemistry, D80
Bluetongue, F10
Bones, A28
Botulism, F120
Bovatec (lasalocid), C68
Bovine Ecolizer+C, C70
Bovine Leukosis Virus (BLV), F80
Bovine Parainfluenza Virus (PI3), F620
Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus (BRSV), F90
Bovine Rhinotracheitis Virus (IBR), F355
Bovine Somatotropin (BST), A86
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), F93
Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVD), F100
Bovi-Shield 4+L5, C80
Breeding soundness exam, A712
Breeding stock selection, A712
Brucellosis (Bangs), F10
Bute, H90



Calculating a ration, A577
California Mastitis Test (CMT), D100

Calving paralysis, F110
Calving problems, F113
Campylobacteriosis (vibrio), F10
Capillary Refill Time (CRT), B105
Carotid artery, B365 

CattleMaster 4+VL5, C110
Cattle Pump System (CPS), B885
Ceftiofur, G215, G540
Chemstrip 9, D110
Chlorhexidine, J115
Choke, F70
Chorionic gonadotropin, I 110
Chorulon (hCG), I 110
CIDRs, A714
Clostridial diseases

CMPK, J100
Coccidiosis, F126

Collecting a feed sample, A575
Coliforms, F500
Colostrometer, D125
Colostrum, A122, D125
Complete Blood Count (CBC), D127
Corid, C125
Culture and Sensitivity, D135
Cystic ovaries, I 135
Cystorelin, I 135
Cytopathic (CP), F100


Dectomax, C140
Dehydration, B115, F145

Deliver, J145
Dermatophytosis, F770
Dermatophilosis, F770
Dexamethasone, H145
Diarrhea, E150, F155

Dipping navels, B156
Dishwashing detergent, F200
Displaced abomasum (DA), E150
Distended abdomen, E160, F70, F200
Dopram-V, J165
Drawing blood


Dystocia, F113


E. coli, E150, F500

E. Colicin-B, C180
ECP, A714, I 185
ELISA test, D135, F400
Embryo and fetal development, A710
Emergency treatments

Enterotoxemia, F120
Environmental Streptococci, F500
Epinephrine, J205, F200
Eprinex, C375
Erythromycin, G260
Esophageal Feeder (Tube Feeder), B850
Estradiol cypionate (ECP), I 185
Estrus synchronization, A714

Excenel, G215
Extra label, A645


Fecal flotation, D220
Fertagyl (GnRH), I 135
Fever, E220
Finding a tail vein, B235
First Defense, C230
Florfenicol, G575
Fluid administration

Flunixin Meglumine (Banamine), H60
Follicular waves, A714
Foot-and-Mouth Disease, F240
Foot rot, C944, F460
Foot warts, F460
Fortress 8, C245

Fractures, F460
Freemartins, A712
Fresh cow program, E248
Furosemide, J255


Gallimycin, G260
Gangrenous mastitis, F500
Glucose, B110
GnRH, I 135
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), A714, I 135
Grain overload (acidosis), F285


Hairy heel warts, F460
Haemophilus Somnus, F10
Hardward Disease, A575
Heart rate, A560
Heat detection, A714
Heatsynch, A714

hCG (Chorulon), I 110
Hives, F200
Hormones, Section I
Hydration, B115, F143, F145
Hy-Mast Mastitis Test, D335
Hypertonic Saline Solution, J335
Hypocalcemia, F510


I-Site, C340
Isoflupredone acetate (Predef), H650
Indigestion, F350
Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR), F355

In-Synch, I 495
Intermediate, D135
Iodine, J65
Ivomec, C375


J-5 Bacterin, C385
J-Vac, C390
J-Vac L5, C392
Johnes Disease, F400
Jugular vein, B365


Kaolin Pectin, J420
Ketones, B110, F420
Ketosis, F420
Ketostix, D420
Killed virus, A900


LA-200 Liquamycin, G460
Lameness, E460, F460
Laminitis, F460
Lasalocid (Bovatec), C68
Lasix, J255
Lepto-5, C465
Leptospirosis, F10
Leukosis, F80
Linear data systems, A712
Low milk production, E480
Lump, E495
Lutalyse, I 495
Lymphoma, F80


Mad cow disease, F93
Magnalax, J500
Master Guard 10, C500
Mastitis, F500
Melengestrol acetate (MGA), A714
Milk fever, F510
Mineral oil, J510
Mu-se, J535
Modified Live Virus (MLV), A920
Monensin (Rumensin), C68
Moraxella bovis, C340, C635, C640, F635
Muscles, A28
Mu-se, J535
Mycobacterium paratuberculosis, F400
, F500


Nasquasone bolus, J540
Naxcel, G540
NeoGuard, C548
Neospora caninum, C548, F10, F548
Neosporosis, F548
Nervous coccidiosis, F126 
Nolvasan solution (Chlorhexidine), J115
Noncytopathic (NCP), F100
Norcalciphos, J560
Normal ranges

Nuflor, G575
Nutrition (Physiology, forage analysis, and preserving forage quality), A575

Nutrition for lactating cows (Balancing a ration, dry matter intake, and water), A577


Off feed, E585
One Shot, C600
Oral vaccines, A900
Organophosphate poisoning, C960
Over-The-Counter (O-T-C), A645
Ovsynch, A714
Oxytetracycline, G615
Oxytocin, J615


pH testing, D620, F70, F285
Papillomatosis, F770
Parainfluenza Virus Type 3 (PI3), F620
Parasites, A620, F155
Passive transfer, A122
Pasteurella, C600
Penicillin G Procaine, G625
Persistently Infected (PI), F100
PGF2aI 495
Phenylbutazone, H90
Physical examination, A632, K632
Piliguard E. Coli-1, C630
Piliguard Pinkeye-1, C635
Pinkeye, C340, C635, C640, F635
Pinkeye Shield XT4, C640
Pirlimycin, G630
Pirsue, G630
Pneumonia, E700, F640
Polioencephalomalacia (PEM), F643
Polyflex, G40
Polyox, J645
Posilac, A86
Predef 2X, H650
Predicted transmitting abilities (PTAs), A712
PregGuard 9, C650
Prescription drugs, A645
Presynch,  A714
Probios, J655
Prohibited drugs, A645
Propylene glycol, J660
Prostaglandin (Lutalyse), A714, I 495
Pyramid 4 + Presponse SQ, C660


Rain scald, F770
Re-Covr, H700
Red water disease, F120
Reproduction, A710, A712, A714, A716

Reproduction Management, A710
Resistant, D135
Respiratory distress, E700
Respiratory rates, A560
Respromune 10, C700
Ringworm, F770
Rumalax, J500

Rumen contractions, B880

Rumenocentesis, D620, F70, F285
Rumensin (monensin), C68
Ruminant physiology, A575
Rx drugs, A645


Salmonella Dublin, C750
ScourGuard 3 (K)/C, C760

Scrotal circumference, A712
Select Synch, A714
Semen quality, A712
Sensitivity, D135
Serology, D135
Serum chemisty, D80
Skeleton, A28
Skin disease

Serpens Species Bacterin, C765
Skin tent, B115, F145
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), F285
Somatic Cell Counts (SCC), D100
Staphylococcus aureus
, F500
Steroids, Section H
Stethoscope, B880
Streptococcus agalactiae
, F500
Stomach pumps, B885
Subcutaneous (SQ), A900, B360
Sulfadimethoxine, A645, G25, G30


Tail vein, B235

Therabloat, J810
Toxic plants, F835

Toxic substances, F835

Titers, D135
Transfaunation, F350
Triangle 9+HS, C830
Triangle 9+PH-K, C835
Trichomoniasis, F10, F842
Trichontrol, C840
Trichontrol VL5, C842
Trimethoprim and Sulfadiazine (TMS), G840
Triplennamine hydrocholoride (Re-Covr), H700
Trocar, F200
TSV-2, C860
Tube Feeding (Esophageal Feeder), B850



Urine, B110
Using a stethoscope, B880
Using a stomach pump, B885
Uterus infections, E900


Vaccines (For specific vaccines see individual trade names)

Vaccination program, A905
Vaginal discharge, E900
Veda-Sorb boluses, J905
Veterinary/client/patient/relationship, A645
Veterinary prescription drugs (Rx), A645
Veterinary Surfactant, J910
Vibrio-Lepto 5, C920
Vibriosis (campylobacter), F10
Vira Shield 5+VL5, C930
Virus Isolation, D135
Vision 8, C940
Vitamin B, J915
Volar, C944


Warbex, C960
Warts, F770
Wart Shield, C965
Weight loss, E965
White muscle disease, F970